About Us

Ward Shepherd created Trap Filters after losing his father to cancer in 2016. The goal is to of course make a profit for its members and investors, but also to provide jobs and opportunities to anyone interested in being part of a positive environment. We are excited to raise money to provide cost free CBD medication for those who are seriously ill by donating $1.00 of each retail sale.. Last but not least, all of our filters are assembled and labeled here in the USA by single or stay at home moms, senior citizens, recovering addicts and people with disabilities. The company was founded in Sacramento, California, but our operations are currently run from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where unfortunately there is a lack of jobs and opportunities.

Believe me when I tell you our founder is determined to make a difference. First creating jobs to help provide FREE WiFi to NOW creating jobs to provide FREE CBD medication for those who qualify but can't afford it!